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  1. SDRover

    US West San Diego - James Baroud Evasion Roof Top Tent - SOLD

    SOLD Hi All, I am moving to a garage that will not accommodate my hard shell James Baroud Evasion Roof Top Tent. Rather than trying to store it I would rather let it go to a new home. It is currently mounted on my 2011 Land Rover LR4 with a Front Runner Rack. The model is the Evasion...
  2. T

    How much is too much - ROOF TOP TENT

    Hey all, I drive a '86 Suzuki Samurai that's in its "Prebuild" stage. When I get back I'm having a full (4' x 6') roof rack installed with the main purpose of holding a rooftop tent, and as a novice have a couple questions. I've narrowed my selection down to two different selections, the James...