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  1. El-Dracho

    EU Mid Europe Meetup Mammutpark

    Meetup on 8th July at noon on a parking lot near the motorway (details please see RP) and drive to the Mammutpark for the weekend. The international Lada Niva meetup where we wanted to go first is cancelled. Nevertheless there will be some Lada enthusiasts and 4x4 friends there. So @Valentin...
  2. DeSash85

    EU Mid Europe Adventure Southside 2022

    Adventure Southside 29-31.07.2022 View Rally Point

    EU Mid Europe Meetup at an extraordinary nature camp

    Farewell gathering for @el-dracho View Rally Point
  4. B.Kuehn

    EU Mid Europe Freediving @ Hemmoor

    Hey we are going to Hemmoor to have a little freedive weekend. Feel welcome to join us. We are not very good but we will have a nice time there. Its a camping spot right at the lake on which we camp. View Rally Point
  5. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe Pentecost France

    Driving the Maginot line tour. View Rally Point

    EU Mid Europe Cleanup b4 meetup | Hamburg region

    This is the cleanup event prior the Rally Point Spontaneous Meetup | Hamburg Region "Where others act negligently and inconsiderately, we can make the difference by taking responsibility." View Rally Point

    EU Mid Europe Spontaneous Meetup | Hamburg region

    We want to meet spontaneously for nice talks, fire and something tasty to eat. Before the pleasure comes the work. In order to be able to use special places in the future, we want to clean the place before sitting together (rubbish collection) according to the motto "Where others act...
  8. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe Camp and tour weekend

    Camping and touring, just having fun and relaxing. View Rally Point
  9. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe Sonja's Fernweh Treffen

    I will attend this meet up for Overlanders from Friday till sunday. Hope to see some of you there. View Rally Point
  10. El-Dracho

    EU Mid Europe Adventure Northside ExPo Europe/ Germany

    New date for the Adventure Northside 2022! 21st to 23rd October. I'll put an RP so we don't forget. Surely a great event especially for our members from the area around Hamburg. Who is going? View Rally Point

    EU Mid Europe Introduction bonfire and friends

    Introduction to a new Member View Rally Point

    EU Mid Europe Spontaneous meet up

    Hanging out with friends and OB members View Rally Point
  13. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe Test drive around Uden with a visit to airbase Volkel

    I need to make a route around Uden. With a visit to the airforce base at Volkel. Claus and I did most of that tour already, but I did find new tracks and so I like to make it better. Plan is, starting with a visit to the airforce base and the museum of it there. Then doing the tour. We will go...
  14. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe TET for 4x4's Going back South

    Going from the german border back south untill we reach the point were we left the track before. We globally follow the TET but it will be different in detail as we are driving 4x4's instead of motorbikes. View Rally Point
  15. El-Dracho

    EU Mid Europe MidEurope/ Germany New Year's Meetup

    @Valentin Schneider and I talked about the idea the other day when we met, to do a little meetup. Because there are some members from the area around Rhine-Main, Rhine Hesse, South Hesse and Middle Rhine Valley. View Rally Point
  16. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe TET NL for 4x4's Northern part 1. From Hengelo to Doetinchem

    Doing one part of the TET NL North due Covid Regulations. This route which is made for Enduro motorbikes I will drive with 4x4 Rigs. So we have to adjust this trail in detail to be driven by car. In the end we will have our own version of the route instead of the original one. View Rally Point
  17. Robert OB 33/48

    Cancelled Pentecost weekend Trip

    Together with Jordan of ALNSM Overland we are planning to head out and doing a trip. No idea what the track is and what it can trow at us. But that should be the fun part of it. View Rally Point
  18. El-Dracho

    EU Mid Europe Meetup at OTTO expo 2022, Thuringia, Germany/ Europe

    After having a super great time with some OB members at OTTO 2021, it has already been decided when the next OTTO will take place in 2022. Namely from the 7th to the 9th of October. View Rally Point
  19. El-Dracho

    Cancelled Meetup at the christmas market "Advent at Ohrdruf Castle"

    Some of you already know the beautiful terrain around Ohrduf Castle from the OTTO offroad and overlanding expo this year. Also the rest of the year it is possible to camp on the site and already for the Advent season the organizer of OTTO, Jörg Gienapp, will make camping on the beautiful site...

    EU Mid Europe Hamburg Get2Gether | Seevetal

    We are planning a little get together on Wednesday the 3rd of November around 6 p.m. Nothing big prepared except a bit of fire and maybe some fire bread. It's about getting a little time out—enough space for us. View Rally Point