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  1. El-Dracho

    EU Mid Europe Overland Bound at 4×4 adventure show ADVENTURE SOUTHSIDE 2021

    An exciting announcement today… From August 20th to 22nd, 2021, the 4×4 adventure show ADVENTURE SOUTHSIDE will start with its long-awaited premiere at Friedrichshafen Fair. 200 exhibitors will present everything that makes the hearts of offroad fans and overlanders beat faster: Four-wheel...
  2. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe Exploring the Veluwe

    Two tracks found on wikiloc. Not sure how much fun they are, or what to expect. But the Veluwe is a very nice area of the Netherlands. View Rally Point
  3. El-Dracho

    EU Mid Europe Meetup at ABENTEUER & ALLRAD show in October 2021

    Let´s meet up at ABENTEUER & ALLRAD show in Bad Kissingen, Germany, Europe. The new date is October, 21 to October, 24 2021. View Rally Point
  4. Robert OB 33/48

    Cancelled Langress to Grand

    A trip, if Covid-19 rules allow, through the center of France from south to north. Thursday meet up, Friday, saturday and sunday drive, Sunday evening leaving. View Rally Point
  5. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe Easter camp with little trips

    Going to the north of the Netherlands for an Easter Camp out. Doing two track days on the saturday and the sunday. Joining us just for a day is possible. View Rally Point
  6. Robert OB 33/48

    Cancelled From Langres to Grand

    A trip from Langres to Grand, easy and very nice scenery. We will stay at Langres, nearby Chaumont and end at Grand or nearby. If Covid-19 is allowing it, we are going.
  7. El-Dracho

    EU Mid Europe Virtual OB Europe Campfire

    There will be a Virtual OB Europe Campfire for all Overland Bound members in Europe region. This will be on Skype Friday Night, 4th Dec 2020, at 8:00 PM CET. Just join the meeting via Skype link The idea is to have this virtual meeting every two weeks...
  8. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe The Valkenburg round trip

    Instead of the Adventure Northside event we will do our own small event in Limburg. Hanging out with friends in OB and driving a nice tour over hills into valleys. Just enjoying the good life.
  9. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe Meet and Greet and coffee

    In the north of Luxemburg. Meet up at Camping Tintesmuhle 2 Maison, 9758 Tintesmillen, LuxemburgView Rally Point
  10. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe meet up and attendig the Rhein-Waal Expo

    meet up at ME HQ camping, grilling and attending the Expo on the saturday. If there are more people coming as 7 Rigs, we will go to Camping Jena and have a ball there. Going to the Expo on the saturday. Having a nice grill and chat evening on the friday and the saturday.
  11. GEO_Fabi.Mhlr

    EU Mid Europe South Netherland Meetup

    Since we all took days off for the Abenteuer Allrad, why not meet up in Southern Netherland.
  12. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe A little tour and BBQ

    According to all rules of engagement in the Netherlands. A little meet up at a campsite with on the saturday a little tour. We will have a campfire and around that we can put up our BBQ's and have our dinner there. Together but with enough social distancing that all feel safe and comfortable...
  13. MadeByMade

    Cancelled Easter weekend trip

    Easter weekend trip do some camping, eating, drinks fun and trailsView Rally Point
  14. 76_overlander

    EU Mid Europe Forest Meet-up

    Meeting, lunch and hitting some soft sand trails :)
  15. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe Back to the Luneburger Heide

    After the nice trip we did with the Jeep Experience club, we like to go back and have our own drive again there. Just with max six Rigs and doing camping.
  16. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe Drive and meet middle of the Netherlands

    We start at Loenen and drive a little tour through the Veluwe towards the middle of the Netherlands which is around Lunteren. Easy trip, mostly talks and car looking If there are more then 8 Rigs, we will go in groups with an interval of 5 minutes.View Rally Point
  17. 76_overlander

    EU Mid Europe Maintenance Workshop

    electrical work / led spots / shaft / etc. We are working on our rigs and you are welcome to use our tools, our help, our coffee and our beers :)
  18. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe Welcome Home Party for ALNSM Overland

    A welcoming party on the saturday evening and a nice tour on the saturday. Just for Jordan and Lizanne to welcome them home after half a year of travel and before they go out to Mongolia.
  19. MarkD

    EU Mid Europe Sunday drive in the Netherlands

    A small trip around some tracks in the Noord-Brabant region of the Netherlands. All new tracks to me so mostly an exploring exercise, something i would normally do alone but thought I would open it up to others that like to drive and are local. Carpool Leende is the meeting point and can be...
  20. 76_overlander


    For people in the area, we have tools, raptor paint, led spots and we will be working on our rigs. If you need some help, if you want to work on your rig with us, we have space and cold beers to work together on this sunny week-end. send a pm and come as you are :)