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  1. bebedotno

    How to remove the OB emblem

    Hi all Overlanders I'm in the process of swapping my rig and want to bring with me the emblem. 1: How do I get it of without making dents in the paint? I read somewhere that using a fikshingline would do it.. has anyone tried that on this specific emblem? The glue-patch looks quite robust. 2...
  2. OverlandTravel

    Overland Emblem - fixing location on 4Runner?

    So I've just received my Overland Emblem 6918 from OB HQ and looking forward to tagging my 4Runner this weekend. Any suggestions or pics for a location?
  3. L

    Something new...

    So, the other day I received my Overland Bound emblem in the mail. It's really quite impressive! Looks really cool and has a good amount of weight to it! Now, to figure out where on the car to put it. Seeing as how I can't make up my mind as yet and the fact that for the last several days we've...
  4. Michael

    Member Number? Upgrade Your Account! Read

    Are you an Overland Bound Member with a membership number? If so, upgrade your forum account for free! You will gain access to the private Member Forums, the Member Map, and the Overland Bound Member Event Calendar! Post here with any questions. Post in this forums to have your account...
  5. Michael


    MEMBERSHIPS, EMBLEMS AND SUPPORTERS First off, WELCOME! We are truly glad you’re here. If you will take the time to explore and interact you will find a wealth of information and help at your fingertips, plus the ever growing Meet and Greets/Gatherings in areas close to you, not to mention the...
  6. bigrob8181

    Overland Bound MEMBER!

    So i have a few questions about my membership. I paid for a subscription to support your goals as i think you are doing a wonderful thing. This forum seems to be a great place to find help and knowledge on various overlanding activities. I have seen other forums that are very closed and promote...
  7. Michael

    FEEDBACK Poll: Emblem Numbers

    We'd like some feedback! For the original 500 emblems, getting the lowest number was very desirable. Now, we are noticing that more and more people want to get specific numbers. The trend is definitely increasing. No matter which direction we go, once a number is taken, it is no longer...
  8. Alex_Kulbaka

    Where did you install your OB emblem?

    I've purchased my emblem couple of days ago and trying to decide where to install mine once I receive it. I have Jeep Wrangler that comes with Trail Rated badge on the driver side fender. I know most people install their OB emblems exactly in that spot. I was thinking either installing mine on...