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  1. Kyle & Kari Frink

    Desert Trail Chase Light / Yay or Nah?

    Do you think the dust your kicking up is enough to let someone know your there, even if the visibility is low? Or do you think you should take it one step further and have a chase light? Which is better? An Amber/White/Red Light? For those of you unfamiliar with a Chase light, it is typically...
  2. 4xFar Adventures

    What trail condition do you LOVE the most?

    So my previous post on the trail condition you FEAR the most had some pretty good replies. This time, I'd like to know what trail condition is your favorite? I'll start off with granite rock. Like a giant slab or mountain's worth of it. The traction it gives is unbelievable. To this day I still...
  3. erinw.rrc

    2012 Land Rover LR4 Build - Installing a Snorkel on a NAS LR4/D4

    So, my rig is pretty much done except for a few things I have left (rear storage is one). Some of you know that I attempted to install a snorkel on my 2012 LR4. It was installed to reduce dust, not water. Too many electronics in these new trucks and too risky. However, the 5.0 V8 has two air...