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  1. Paradox732

    MiniMax ZR2 Colorado Build

    So ditched the Tundra in favor of something a little more trail worthy. I picked up an 18 ZR2 Diesel after almost 10,000 miles and a trip through AZ, CA, UT and many CO trials I determined that really the only things I needed were just accessories for the truck. The suspension, powertrain...
  2. DK_XV

    DK_XV - 2017 Chevy Colorado Duramax Build - Daily Driver/Long Distance Roamer

    I picked up my Colorado in July of this year. I traded in my former camping rig (F350 Dually Diesel with a 10’5 Lance Truck camper) as well as my then daily driver, an off-road modified Subaru Crosstrek for a platform that would make a great daily driving truck for my 120 mi commute as well as...
  3. PabstBlueSwayze

    Swayze Express - Colorado ZR2 Duramax

    Pulled the trigger on a Colorado ZR2 Duramax and have to say Im quite stoked to get this truck out in the hills. Dont have much planned additions at this time besides getting radio/comms, bed rack + rooftop tent, and hopefully a front bumper + winch. Definitely gonna take some inspiration from...