dual battery system

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  1. Wanderlost

    Dual Battery Build Thread

    I started this thread to chronicle the dual battery system we’re currently putting together. It’s being installed in a ’17 Toyota 4Runner but can easily be adapted to just about any vehicle. I’ve got some experience in wiring lights and building fuse/relay panels, but for this project I’ve...
  2. K

    Reputable shop in South GA for wiring

    This is my first post! I am looking for a shop around Southeast GA (Savannah) or Central NC (Fayetteville) that is good a wiring up overland rigs. Looking to have a dual battery, lights, power outlets, etc in my Tacoma. Thanks for looking, any help is appreciated.
  3. KY JKU Recon

    Auxiliary power outlet rear of JKU

    I am looking to install a dual battery setup so that I can run my ever growing number of accessories off one battery and not impact regular function of the Jeep. One of the things that I would like to do with the second battery is to have an auxiliary power source in the rear of my JKU...
  4. Road

    Adding "house" batteries and isolator to diesel w/two starting batteries. . .

    I'd like to add 'house' batteries (add'l deep cycles to power accessories while the engine is off) and an isolator to my '08 GMC diesel van, which has two starting batteries; one under the hood and one underneath along the driver's side frame rail. The house batteries will be charged by the...
  5. overlandozzy

    Dual Aux Battery Setup

    I saw a picture online of a tacoma that had a dual battery system mounted in the toolbox. It was strictly for auxiliary "house" needs. Im wanting to do a setup like it in my toolbox to blow up mattresses, charge phones, computers, etc. Anyone have a clue how one could set this up and what I...