drone quadcopter

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  1. ForumCube

    EU West Europe ICE2017 (Iceland Circumnaviagtion Expedition 2017)

    Circumnavigate Iceland in clockwise direction, using as many Mountain (F) Roads (rather than highways) as possible - camping.
  2. D3Overland

    Aerial rig/camp pics

    I'm sure many of us have a drone or other aerial filming device...anyone got any pics they would like to share..camps...rigs..or just the view :-)
  3. Neil Q Smith

    Arctic Trucks 6X6 Iceland Winter Trip

    During December 2016, spent 5 days in Iceland, driving Arctic Trucks 6X6, owned by Mike Herbert of Dreki Adventures. (see: www.ice2017.no). Excellent experience driving such a powerful and dedicated expedition vehicle. We use drone quadcopters with GoPro, to film a lot of our trips...