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  1. X

    40k buget looking to join the overland community

    I am currently deployed in the military and will be getting home for good in May this year. I'm trying to spoil myself a little and have been researching a ton of trucks/SUV's that would get me everywhere I could dream of overlanding to. Ill have about 40k to throw at whichever car and was...
  2. Kyle & Kari Frink

    Too Young to Wheel?

    At what age do you think someone is too young to wheel off-road? At what age do you think you should start teaching your kid to wheel off-road? I first learned to off-road on an ATV and to drive using grandpas tractor on the farmland at the age of 7 or so. I'm still debating at what age I...
  3. DMur

    Wanted Ford Econoline Swivel Seats

    Hi all, I am on the hunt for driver and passenger Ford Econoline Swivel Seats for my 2011 Econoline. I was hoping you guys know the best place to buy some or can give some excellent advice. Thanks a bunch! Dmur