dempster highway

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  1. Paula - Canadian Explorer

    CA West Canada Conquering the Dempster Highway: Road Trip to Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada

    This will be a multi-week road trip with lots of off-roading, hiking, camping (including off-grid), pic stops...and.... lots of 'white-knuckle-holding-on-to-the-edge-of-the-seat' passenger reactions! (just kidding). We will also be dipping our toes in the Arctic Ocean. View Rally Point
  2. Paula - Canadian Explorer

    OMG! So Glad I found Overland Bound

    Location: Okotoks, Alberta (Canada) Rig: 2015 4Runner Trail "Mad Max" with mods done in early 2020 (lift, hitch, switch pro, lights, etc.). Just recently added the Devil Horns, and storage in the trunk. See pics below. Overland Experience: Humble Novice with some awkward moments :) First...
  3. Pith Dude

    Bucket List: The Dempster Highway and Arctic Ocean

    I don't know that folks would call it an overland trip since I'll probably be staying in hotels (albeit 2-star), but I'm thinking the time has come to start considering checking a 40-year-old entry off my Bucket List. Anybody driven the Dempster? Thought? Recommendations?