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  1. WindyBadger

    Accidental Overland Bound meetup!

    We had an accidental meetup this weekend in the Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky. @trailspinTV, who I met at an Overland Bound meetup in November, texted me yesterday saying he would be coming to kentucky from Indiana. His buddy, @Burning Man came in with a friend around 4am this morning...
  2. WindyBadger

    Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway, Kentucky - 11/17/2017

    On the weekend of November 17th through 19th we'll meet up and complete some or all of the Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway in Kentucky. Meet and greet on Friday night from approximately 7:00pm, rides on Saturday, and maybe some more short rides Saturday night and Sunday morning. View Rally...
  3. WindyBadger

    I found the best camping spot in Kentucky!

    UPDATE: They closed this area due to vandalism. I don't log on here often, so won't reply to messages about the DBBB. I'm very active on a Kentucky based Overland group on Facebook, which is a good way to find out more about local trail conditions. Last weekend a buddy and I went to a...