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  1. Overlandsite_Ferenc

    Has your travel habits/plans have changed due to the current situation?

    Hi, I think there will be a big change in the popularity of independent travel in the near future. Therefore overlanding will become even more popular! What's your opinion? I wrote a piece on this, check it out if you're interested: Why New Social Distancing Habits Will Make Overlanding Even...
  2. Road

    A Guide to State Coronavirus Lockdowns (WSJ)

    Edited 20/0323 21:32 ET to add: This was a thread I was adding details to as states went to Stay At Home orders. Things have progressed so quickly the last few days it is pointless to continue this thread with new posts about individual states and local Stay At Home orders. See this page in the...
  3. 76_overlander

    Covid-19 awareness

    This coronavirus pandemic is still a good subject of jokes, but, as we are involved in organizing or being part of events and trips, we must take some responsabilities and education. @hennyoffthegrid submitted this long but excellent and documented article, and reading it might make your...