central coast

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  1. Stealth_Runner

    Exploring around the river bed

    Decided to go adventuring through the river bed out in the Central Coast. The sand was very soft, crossed the river at a couple of spots, and found an abandoned Jeep. Somewhere out there I some how lost my front plate... Haha. Oh well, time to get custom plates I guess.
  2. SLO Rob

    Pismo OHV Meet up April 22nd-23rd

    @O.Dfj ANy takers on coming with you to Pismo April 22nd/23rd? The weather is supposed to be perfect... I've got some people in town visiting, but I'm going to bring my kids out Saturday. -If anyone hasn't camped at Pismo OHV before. $10 bucks over night or $5 day pass. Camp anywhere. Some pit...