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  1. Jeffrey Dill

    Electric blankets for cold weather camping

    Does anyone have any experience with using portable electric blankets for staying warm in cold weather camping? Either one that's actually made to be portable via a rechargable battery pack or a "normal" one plugged into something like a Jackery or a GoalZero. I've been researching a lot of...
  2. MA_Trooper

    RTT Open off Side or Back?

    My RTT currently opens off the passenger side. It works fine that way. I want to gain a little space on the roof and to do that I will need to turn the tent 90 degrees and have it open off the back. I realize there are pros and cons either way. I will have to cut the track that is used to attach...
  3. Hank Outdoors

    ARB Style Awning from Walmart

    A friend just keyed me into these at Walmart. Three sizes (Sizes, prices and links below) and based on the images they appear to be very similar to the ARB vehicle awnings. For the price I think I may have to try one!!! 4.6' x 6.6' - $103.09...
  4. The Traveling Shepherd

    Water filtration

    What are your opinions on the Katadyn hiker pro ? Does it filter enough to trust it or should the water be treated further ?
  5. Remington_PRO4X

    Winter Camping

    Hello All, With cold weather approaching it makes it difficult to get outdoors (especially with kiddos). This year I am considering venturing into the world of winter camping. Other than the obvious warm clothes and correct sleeping bag for the temperature. What do you recommend for...
  6. Brandon Harvey

    Ground, Cot or Air Mattress: Make and model please.

    For you tent campers out there I am curious as to what you use to get you and your companions off the ground. I have been using a Thermarest back packing mattress am am thinking of moving to a cot but before I do I would like to get some other opinions.