camp food

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  1. OverlandEats

    Overland Eats in CO

    Hey Gang! New to the forum here. Looking into membership now! I’m @OverlandEats on insta and you can usually find me in the mountains of Colorado cooking up food and adventure. I do. Lot of secret pop up dinners so say hi if you see me on the trails. Looking forward to getting involved w this group!
  2. ovrlndr

    Anyone using carbon steel for cooking at camp?

    I know cast iron is popular for cooking at camp, but I’m interested to see if anyone is using carbon steel pans instead of cast iron? For those unfamiliar with carbon steel, it’s similar in concept to cast iron in that it must be seasoned and eventually develops a slick non-stick coating, it...
  3. NW Adventure & Overland

    What kind of camp desserts/treats do you make while camping?

    Many of us have kids that come along on our trips and we like to make something special for them to enjoy around the camp fire. We stumbled across a neat simple treat, that we like to call Smore-Eo's. It's simple take your favorite Smore and add a marshmallow to the center and BOOM a new quick...
  4. Corey

    Show Me Your Chuckboxes/Camp Kitchen Setups

    After we got back from vacation up at Mount Rainier National Park the second week of August, I began the hunt for a smaller/lighter chuckbox. I did not rally care for the other wooden offerings on the market, and I was going to pull the expensive trigger on the Kanz Kitchen, but he is pretty...