california trails

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  1. overl4nd

    US West Anybody interested in Bay area -> Folsom(MET/Uncle Tom) snow run this weekend

    The Snow gods are smiling, and the Sierra region will see over 15" in 24 hours starting Friday night . Is anybody here for a day trip to Mormont Emigrant Trail (MET) on the 2nd of Feb (Saturday). Any other destination like Uncle Tom will also do. We did one such trip (Two GX and a FJ) two...
  2. Kyle & Kari Frink

    Truck Trails in California

    A series of questions: What designates a trail as a truck trail/Where did this first originate? Why are so many truck trails private roads? Does anyone think that truck trails which are private should have a change of name, so as to not give a false sense of a...
  3. CameronDallaire

    Trip from FL to LA

    I am a brand new member and hardly know how to work this app/site yet haha. If there is already a thread for this than I apologize. I am 25 and have my 2013 JKU almost set to go for LA Cali. I am traveling from st.augustine FL and the maps won't show up for me in the app. I wanted to map out how...
  4. VisualOverland

    Morning after a night of adventure. Johnson Valley

    Drove 2 hours from LA to get here. No one in sight for miles and miles which was odd. Cool evening and Relaxing quiet morning. My favorite place to get away. Great trails and tons to explore.