california meet up

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  1. ArmyofMike

    Central Valley, CA Meetup?

    Hey Central CA! (Fresno to Tulare South, to Merced North), I know there have been some meetups in the past, but wanted to see if we can get another planned in the near future? With the weather in CA being nicer now (not Hades) and trail season coming to a close, it seems a good time to meetup...
  2. Cottonwoody

    Shasta Cascade Far Northern California Monthly Meet Up.

    Shasta Cascade Far Northern California OB Monthly Meet Up. Well every one, I’m putting together a monthly meet up group covering the Shasta Cascade Region of Northern California. To start with, I was planning on holding the first gathering on May 8, 2017 at Tango Tacos Bar & Grille 2082 Front...