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  1. H2offroad

    CA West Canada 4wd & coffee Adventure Trucks Kelowna

    4wd & coffee @Adventure Trucks Kelowna with special guest CanToyDivas View Rally Point
  2. Paula - Canadian Explorer

    CA West Canada Conquering the Dempster Highway: Road Trip to Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada

    UPDATE: ROAD TRIP POSTPONED TO 2022 GIVEN COVID This will be a multi-week road trip with lots of off-roading, hiking, camping (including off-grid), pic stops...and.... lots of 'white-knuckle-holding-on-to-the-edge-of-the-seat' passenger reactions! (just kidding). We will also be dipping our...
  3. Off-Road Overland Camping

    CA West Canada Mojave Trail Part 2 - Exploring Old Cabins & Mines - Overland Trip

    >>>SAVE THE DATE<<< March 13 to March 15, 2020 Game Plan - Exploring the following locations: • Station Railways Goffs, OX Ranch, Sagamore Mine, Live Oak Canyon Mine, • Vanderbilt Mine, Cima Mine, Columbia Mine, Thomas Place, Wild Horse Trail to Hidden Hills Mine & Dorner Camp Meeting...
  4. Off-Road Overland Camping

    US West Fort Churchill & Pony Express

    >>>>>SAVE THE DATE FOR THIS EPIC TRIP<<<< FORT CHURCHILL & THE PONY EXPRESS 6 Day Trip – OCTOBER 14TH TO 20TH, 2019 Plan on exploring the following locations: • Fort Churchill, Pony Express, Middlegate Saloon, Cold Springs, Austin, NV - Stocks Castle, Black Mustang Hot Springs, Conquest...
  5. Michael

    CA West Canada fsdfs