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  1. Stuck-on-Rovers

    I just pulled an ARB Deluxe bumper

    I just picked up a used ARB front bumper for a Discovery II. 2 questions for anybody that can help: 1) mine has a dent and a slight bend. Can these be repaired and if so, by whom? 2) I have a Discovery 1, will this fit my rig? Thank you in advance for any advice. Keith
  2. Chadlyb


    So I came across on of my favorite YouTube channels , Tacomaholic. He had some interesting news that I already had some insight into. See I ordered a rear bumper from them that took nearly 5 months to get. Nearly 2 months late. The worst part was never getting any explanation or compensation...
  3. HattZ

    NW - 06 Jeep Commander build - help needed

    first item of help needed, anyone have a good shop, ideally eastside of seattle, that is comfortable with suspension and body work? what else am i forgetting? does anyone have experience with the below companies products and should i pick anything else? am i really just dumping money into a...
  4. Mitchymoo

    Tundra Bumpers

    Hey All, Looking for a front bumper for the Tundra - Not lots out there, what do you like? what works and doesn't work? Thanks
  5. Brandon Harvey

    Front and Rear bumpers for 2003 Ranger

    I am looking for some help in finding a good supplier for parts that fit a Ford Ranger. I know it is an odd vehicle to have but I got it cheap (free) and I am looking to get it equipped a bit better. Anyone know of a shop that makes high clearance bumpers with winch fittings for a 2003 Ford...
  6. Lady_Hay

    FOR SALE Stock Jeep front and rear bumpers

    I have stock bumpers for sale that I recently took off my 2008 Jeep Sahara Unlimited. Please write back and let me know if you would be interested and how much you would like to pay. Pickup only - Los Angeles/East Side Area.
  7. 94Cruiser

    Hanna Quality Bumpers

    Where do I get them?