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  1. St8ton

    JKU Rear Seat Delete - Storage Platform

    Just finishing up my rear seat delete. After roughly 2 years of no one sitting back there I figured it was time to make better use of the space. And now that it's about done, I realize I should've done it long ago. Two storage cubbies access the underside of the platform along with open entry...
  2. Fyris

    New to board - soon to be member from SW Germany || Tim with Jeep Commander

    Hey community just taking this as a starter to quickly introduce myself My name is Tim and I'm an outdoor loving Jeep driver. I'm living in the SW of Germany at Lake Constance and close to Black-Forest. I'm an engineer working at automotive manufacturer HQ in Zurich, Switzerland. Touring and...
  3. WesAdvance

    Jeep JKUR Base Platform

    Hello! I wanted to share my DIY Jeep JKUR base platform and tutorial. I'd love any tips, feedback or thoughts on things you would change or improve! I originally posted this at our blog, You Me & The Jeep, and you can find a materials list there as well. We stripped everything out of the back...
  4. East Coast Expedition

    Tiny Camper Expedition Build

    My trailer is a 1986 Bonair 13ft this is when i just purchased it in 2015.
  5. Laughing Otter

    Home made Snorkel for under $100.00

    Hey all...this post is for anyone looking to get ideas for building their own Snorkel kit. Again, idea's only...what works on my rover may not work on your Toyota or Jeep or whatever you drive. Let me know if you have questions...A few of the items I already had in the shop...the rest I...