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  1. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Ghost Town Run Labor Day Weekend

    Pine Grove, Aurora, Bodie Ghost towns are on this overnighter trail run. There will be elevations that are cooler so bring appropriate clothing for nighttime. There is a secrete place we will be able to warm ourselves in... springs maybe. :-) We will meet at the same location as the...
  2. Suburban_Overland

    Dispersed camping near Bodie ca

    I'm taking the family to bodie in the summer and I want to camp out there on the western side of hwy395. I've seen a few spots that peak my interest around Virginia lakes, green creek, dunderberg mill, or copper mountain. Has anyone one been out there before that can recommend a good spot with...
  3. ExploreDesert

    ExploreDesert: Alabama Hills - Laurel Lakes - Mono Lake - Bodie - Coyote Flats

    This trip to the Eastern Sierras was originally planned to take place last summer as a way for us desert dwellers to escape the heat. But as our departure time grew closer, personal plans began to change and ended up not working out. In a way, it was better that way - giving me time to refine...