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  1. D

    Tire Size and Bead lock Necessity for Airing Down

    I'm looking for advice and experience regarding tire size and the necessity of bead lock wheels for airing down. I'm driving a 2020 Jeep JLU Rubicon Diesel. It serves as both by daily driver and overlanding rig so I'm keeping modifications to a reasonable level. However I do plan, in a few years...
  2. 75th_jk

    Rockcrawler/overlander 75th anniversary jk builf thread

    hello everyone, my name is Brian and this is the story of how i went from this to this: And all the lessons, mistakes, and regrets that are associated with the build. Hope you enjoy!(: So anyway, it all started when i got stopped way too many times for speeding in my first car (a 2012...