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  1. Mike Costa

    Battery Charging

    Hey guys, I wanted to share some info about a few products I have recently purchased from NOCO. I recently installed an Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST Battery in my 5th Gen 4Runner in order to handle auxiliary lighting but more so my fridge for several days without the vehicle having to be turned on to...
  2. Wanderlost

    Dual Battery Build Thread

    I started this thread to chronicle the dual battery system we’re currently putting together. It’s being installed in a ’17 Toyota 4Runner but can easily be adapted to just about any vehicle. I’ve got some experience in wiring lights and building fuse/relay panels, but for this project I’ve...
  3. TacoVenturer87

    Auxiliary battery, how to?

    Hi all I'm contemplating adding an auxiliary battery to my 2010 Tacoma V6. Do any of you know how to get around that upgrade? What do I need? Controllers? Which type of battery is better (deep cycle vs. regular) Wiring (gauge?) Brackets? Any help is really appreciated!