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  1. G

    New member from Bellingham, WA

    Hi all, I just purchased a 2006 Subaru Forester with 157k miles on the clock. It’s the 2.5L XT and was imported from Canada. I’m hoping to get some all terrain tires on Method wheels before the end of summer and other minor upgrades like mud flaps, cargo basket roof rack, Pioneer CarPlay...
  2. Graeman

    US Southwest Arizona Meetup plus Overnight Adventure - 02/02/2019

    This is a great area to host an overnight trip and to have some training on various Overland subjects. Meeting in a mall parking lot for the day is so not Overlanding, unless of course you have a mall crawler only type of vehicle. The area features tall pines, cooler weather, an off road trail...
  3. Jose Losoya

    Event Cancelled - Overnight Stay at SPI 3/19/2018 - 3/20/2018 - 03/19/2018

    Im going to be heading out to South padre island and camp overnight on the beach shore , anyone is more than welcome to join.
  4. Epic Overland

    Mid Atlantic Subaru Overlanders

    I've been spending some time on the DC/MD/VA meet up thread, but for the most part it seems more like a Taco, 4Runner, Jeep-bro thread. It's not that they're not welcoming, I'm just looking to connect with more Subaru Overlanders. I'm really interested in dialing in some Subaru-centric meet ups...
  5. Daniel Bonifaz

    2002 V6 Mercury Mountaineer AWD

    You think that a 2002 V6 Mercury Mountaineer AWD will do a good job overlanding? It's really in great shape Please don't judge me so hard :persevere: Greetings from México.
  6. Laughing Otter

    Overlander, Adventurer, Traveler...Impressed by a Honda CRV?

    Overlander, Adventurer, Traveler...Impressed by a Honda CRV? Yes... Lets start with a quick backround story. So, about 6 months ago I was looking for a small fuel efficient AWD vehicle to use for day trips and adventures. Nothing hard core, nothing for multi day, week, or monthly...
  7. Wawa Skittletits

    Subaru Owners Registry

    Since I joined Overland Bound I've seen an increasing number of Subaru driving members. Please feel free to post a picture of your vehicle, a quick description if you like, and a link to your build thread. 2015 Outback Limited Here's a short list of the more obvious, and some that aren't...