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  1. Hank Outdoors

    US Southeast The Jason Eddy Land Between the Lakes Extravaganza

    This will be a ride and camp weekend to celebrate a great friend Jason Eddy, a fellow Off Roader, Overlander, a Father and the most humble person you will ever meet. Jason was diagnosed with ALS at the beginning of the 2020. This is a man who asks for nothing, and has no idea we are doing this...
  2. Heartland Overland

    High Water Mark Trail, AR

    Rally Point created for the trip. Looking to get a few rigs together to hit up the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas. No set schedule once we get started. Hoping to hit some other trails throughout the area during the week. Rally Point
  3. M

    Overlanding in Arkansas

    @Iwata77 Wanting to do a weekend trip 1/3-1/5. My plan so far is to start in Dover and make my up Indian creek rd then shoot over to falling water/Richland area. I’m in a stock 4Runner and was just wondering if there should be any concerns. Thanks in advance to whomever would like to chime in
  4. M

    Wanting a nice Sunday drive through the Ozarks

    New guy here looking for recommendations on drives through the Ozarks. Was up on Morgan mountain And white rock last weekend. Looking for trails that are close to that area. In the daily driver so not wanting anything crazy but creek crossings sound good. 5th gen 4Runner trd pro is what we will...
  5. KarmaSeoul

    Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

    Hey everyone. I'm headed to the Ozarks for the first time for Rendezvous in the Ozarks. I have a small list of things to see and do (like the carwash falls) but would also like to know what everyone recommends. Hikes, trails, sights, food. We will probably be camping at the event but if...
  6. Aztec1369

    First Overland Trip - TX to NC and back.

    This is my first thread and our first overland trip. Our vehicle is a 2018 4Runner ORP. We are working on upgrades and armor right now in preparation for this trip, which I have been "planning" since early December. There will be 4 of us, (Wife, 2 kids, and myself). 3/20 - We are starting in...
  7. sethingham

    Trip to the Southwest

    My wife and I are planning a trip to the southwestern US in the spring. We're from Indiana so we'll be probably be going through Arkansas and Texas to get to New Mexico, Arizona, California and even up to Utah and Colorado. What are your don't miss camp spots, drives, hikes, things to do, etc...
  8. DaizyTX

    Hot Springs

    We headed to Hot Springs as a last minute trip right before the 4th of July. We'd only been back from a two week road trip to Disneyland, the Grand Canyon and Sedona,AZ for a week so I was surprised to go. After all that way there was no way I wanted to leave without seeing at least some of the...