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  1. SVgarage

    Anyone Have JK Bushwacker Aluminum Fenders?

    I've been looking around for some fenders to replace my plastic OEM fenders on my 2017 Jeep JK. I have decided on metal vs. plastic and have been considering Poison Spyder and Metalcloak- both have excellent reviews and feedback. Then I stumbled across these Bushwacker aluminum fenders, which...
  2. AmeriDeckMidwest

    Mobile Camping Pod design

    Ready to roll out new design. All aluminum camping pod mounts on AmeriDeck SuperDeck III for loading into suitable truck. Will be available in short or long-bed versions. Much more space than a teardrop. These are shells to be outfitted by the consumer. This pod weighs about #600 depending...
  3. Christian

    1-burner camp stove

    folks, another quick one. on our last trip through norway we found out, that our two-burner stove was a bit too much for just the two of us. on the other hand, the typical china or trucker one-burner stove sold with the plastic case is absolutely unsuitable, as it neither allows simmering, nor...