5th gen 4runner

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  1. T

    Gobi roof rack for 5th gen 4Runner in Long Beach

    Hey, I'm looking to sell my Gobi Stealth roof rack with sunroof for a 5th gen 4runner. I put it on my rig in January 2019. Honestly I absolutely love this rack and would keep in on my 4Runner forever, however we are moving and our new garage is too low and we don't fit in with the rack...
  2. Kidder

    FOR SALE SF Bay Area - Baja Rack Flat Rack for 5th gen 4Runner

    Selling my Baja Rack. Purchased new in 2015. Has sunroof cutout. Baja Rack shovel and axe mount + Fourtreks aluminum awning mounts (for ARB , not sure if they fit other awnings) included in sale. Awning is not included. GOOD: The rack is solid, low-profile, and quiet. BAD: I've had to sand...
  3. Joey Anderson


    SOLD TODAY. Thx.
  4. HeliSniper

    US Southwest Dallas TX 2019 OEM T4R Roof Rack 5th gen

    For sale is a new 5th gen 2019 Toyota 4Runner roof rack. It is OEM equipment and bolts right to the roof. No drilling required. Never strapped anything to it. Removed when car had 400 miles.
  5. mitchellsk8s

    Dobinsons Drawer System for 5th Gen T4R

    Does anyone have any experience with the dobinsons drawer system, pros/cons, etc.? I just came across them and they look like what I'm going for. How was your install? Any info you have on them would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Vlad

    US Northwest FS: 5th gen 4Runner original roof rack $170 Portland, OR

    Removed at close to 7K miles. One of the brackets has small crack.
  7. J Tosh Reed

    2011 T4R SR5 "The ReedRunner" (Pre-Build stage)

    Hey everyone, I am extremely new to mods/builds, etc, and am new to pretty much everything with vehicles as I mostly have lived where I could bus, or had a beater car. So I've been doing some research on modifications/upgrades for my '11 4Runner. But before I get into that, maybe I should...