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  1. Boort

    What do you look for on a shakedown ride after an upgrade & Build thread question

    Seeking the wisdom of the OB hive, I'm getting the suspension upgraded on my 2006 4runner soon, along with new tires, removing Xreas, installing sliders, and installing the drawer system that my father and I built. With all of these changes what to I need to look for to make sure that...
  2. JoshT4R

    4th Gen 4Runner curved light bar/mounts - recommendations?

    Good day all, been searching around and haven’t been able to find the info I’m looking for. I want to mount a light bar to the front of my 4Runner right above the windshield, preferably without drilling holes. I do not have a roof rack yet so I would have to use mounts. If anyone else has done...