4runner trail

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  1. C

    FOR SALE *SOLD* 2016 4Runner Trail Premium, Tustin, CA, 50k OBO

    Selling my 2016 4Runner Trail Premium with the beginnings of an overland build because I'm looking to buy a house and need the money for a down payment. It's in great condition with low miles, with modifications as follows: 15k miles KDSS equipped Crawl control 4wd Rear-locker 5xMethod Race...
  2. PenmanPhoto

    4Runner Motivation

    Hey all! As of right now I'm sitting bone stock with my 5th Gen Trail Edition. Was looking for some 4Runner motivation and didn't see a thread for 4Runner love...so I figured why not?! I don't care what generation...lets see them! -PenmanPhoto
  3. NWNavigator

    Jame Baroud Explorer EVO RTT First Impression

    It seems that several folks rolling through here have roof top tents from James Baroud, but there is little in the way of user reviews posted. While I in no way feel qualified to voice a comprehensive long term review, I offer here a favorable first impression for those shopping for a home away...
  4. BobG

    End of our hike...

    A much welcome site at the end of our hike...