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  1. Ta2Doc

    FrankenJeep or "My Last Ever (Maybe) Truck?"

    Thought I'd take a stab at doing a build thread, after reading through so many excellent ones on this and other sites. However, since I'm such a wordy busterd (term coined by my masters program adviser), it's probably not the typical build-thread. Also... as I've discovered, what works on Rig A...
  2. Ta2Doc

    Ta2Doc, Newbster Newbington Reporting for Duty

    Greetings all! Newly registered and joined as a member (no # yet). Grew up in WV in an outdoors family. Camping, hiking, fishing, etc. Now work as an engineer in manufacturing and reliability. Located in Northern KY, but travel frequently. I'm working on my second overlanding vehicle...
  3. Tinker

    "Nanuuq" my Land Rover Discovery 2, ...forever a project!

    Haven't done a build thread on a forum in a loooong time, but here goes. I'll try to catch up the project to the current state. Back in late 2014, after more than a year long search I spotted an unmodified low-mile 2002 Land Rover Discovery 2 a few states away. I'd often pondered about a...