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  1. 804Tacoma

    Someone Explain Why My Wheels Are Rubbing

    Hey everyone. I just purchased a set of Pacer 164P 17x9 (4.53" backspace and -12mm offset) and Patriot 33x12.50 R17 mud tires to be mounted on my 2019 Tacoma. I have a Rough Country 3" front lift and 2" rear lift. Before I purchased these wheels and tires I mounted my brother's (albeit...
  2. 852outback

    US Midwest Subaru Outback 2019 17" OEM RIMS

    Hey guys, I have a set of four OEM Subaru Outback 2019 2.5 premium rims for sale, they are basically brand new I only used them for my trip from Chicago to Grand Rapids. I am looking for $300 for the set, let me know if you want more information or pictures on them!
  3. Robert R Pyle

    2019 Ford Ranger

    Been thinking of changing my overland rig to a 2019 Ford Ranger what do you all think. Here is the one that I want.