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  1. Yaniv

    CPAP power

    I use this Noco I think a small one will be well enough as well.
  2. Yaniv

    CPAP power

    I use a battery jumper pack (like NOCO) with a 12V to AC (150W) to power the unit all night
  3. Yaniv

    Epic trip in the mountains of Zagori, Greece

    Epic trip in the mountains of Zagori, Greece
  4. Yaniv

    Mojave Road (Bachelor Party)

    A scene from the next Borat movie? :grinning:
  5. Yaniv

    Golden jackals in the wild

    I think it's one of my best videos so far of wildlife enjoy, like and subscribe :)
  6. Yaniv

    Short Overland trip to Eagle Creek

    It looks nice and worth a visit, can you be more specific on "Eagle Creek"? There are "a few" eagle creeks on earth ;-) Thanks
  7. Yaniv

    My Office

    You went too far relocating to Mars ;)
  8. Yaniv

    PhotoPills Photography App

    I've bought it a few years ago worth the money and been using it a lot on my photography adeventures.
  9. Yaniv

    Nature Photos

    Canon R5 + 800mm RF F11
  10. Yaniv

    Making Money with Overland Photography

    I like your website (and photos too) is it some Wordpress based website? I'm looking for something myself and your design is neat. As for income, That is my dream as well - I've joined a few commercial trips in the past, paying full money on those trips and took photographs officially with the...
  11. Yaniv

    The Hunt for the rare EOS R5

    It all began a few months ago with some rumors... lots of rumors about a new mirrorless beast from Canon - a mirrorless replacement for the 5D DSLRAnd me? just bought a new DSLR (90D). I always wanted a full-frame, and having 2 birds in one go was very appealing to me (full-frame and...
  12. Yaniv

    The north rim

    Cool shots, How crowd is it during summer in relation to covid pandemic?
  13. Yaniv

    QSO today ham expo this weekend.

    I couldn't join live, It's outside my TZ (0100 or 0300, don't remember) I will watch the recordings.