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  1. Wabbit

    30 Year Anniversary

    Woot Woot, congrats! O and thank you for your service/sacrifice.
  2. Wabbit

    OB Watches

    I use to have a few Sunntos back in the day. Currently sporting a Garmin Tactix Charlie. (military version of the fenix 5)
  3. Wabbit

    Here’s something new!

    However, with Google, you can download maps for off grid use.
  4. Wabbit

    Here’s something new!

    Heck, my Mini has been going 5 yrs strong.
  5. Wabbit

    Here’s something new!

    Think I'll stick with my inreach and Ipad Mini set up. Garmin makes awesome products but I feel that they tend to walk over themselves with similar like products.
  6. Wabbit

    Hello from Copenhagen

    Welcome to the forum. This is an awesome community. I'm not terribly too far from you so maybe I'll see you on the road.
  7. Wabbit

    Up early or stuck to the mattress?

    Early to rise and late to bed. One can sleep when they're dead. :)
  8. Wabbit

    Ah, spring. Time to roll down the windows and...

    Fliped up my visor one night for a split sec and caught a dragonfly to the eye...almost died.
  9. Wabbit

    What’s a good first camera

    What's your price range? What are you planning on shooting? Most kits, arent too bad and provide you with the essentials but when talking DSLR or mirrorless, the lens quality is where you'll get the biggest bang for your buck. What ever body you go with, ensure that you invest your research and...
  10. Wabbit

    I’m a watch guy, any more of you have the same disease?

    How much is it per ticket?
  11. Wabbit

    Do you have an American flag on your rig?

    I do not have a flag on my rig. Being stationed in Europe, that would be an invitation for vandalism.
  12. Wabbit

    NEW BODY Jeep Cherokee - Any?

    MFC lift has been good to me for the past 20K I've had it on. While the Gobi is a great pick, have you checked out Frontrunner? RRO is also another great company making stuff for the KL platform.
  13. Wabbit

    First Responders - Overland Bound Emblem Rocker

    That just made my day [emoji846]
  14. Wabbit

    First Responders - Overland Bound Emblem Rocker

    What ever happened to this rocker idea?
  15. Wabbit

    I’m a watch guy, any more of you have the same disease?

    Just picked up a Garmin tactix Charlie to replace my beat to heck Fenix 3 HR.