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    West Spain / Portugal 20 June till 4 July

    Hi, we live in the east, near teruel!!
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    Andaluzia- am i alowed to do off road next week?

    Camping is prohibited all year round, but there are shelters and areas that can be camped and bivouacked. circulate with the car along narrow tracks if it is prohibited until October due to the law of forests with respect to forest fires. I hope it helps you and it's not too late;)
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    april 2019 - exploring the desert of Monegros

    preparing everything for the trip, the terrano is almost ready.
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    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Hi, i received the membership!!!!! The adveture starts here!!! Nissan terrano'95 Landete, Spain.
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    new member from Spain

    Thanks, its a big experience.
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    Members of Spain.

    I like the 2 options, everything would be to square my girlfriend's vacation in one of the 2 options. The hospital is that my father-in-law has been admitted and we have been traveling from work to the hospital these past 2 weeks. And I have not had time for anything. This weekend it's time to...
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    Members of Spain.

    Ok, You have to try to go in April or May, that the nights are less cold and the days are still not hot. I'm collecting tracks and places to sleep. Since it's not all natural parks, I think we can spend the night. Sorry for taking a long time to answer but we are bundled with hospitals. A greeting.
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    Members of Spain.

    Ok, let's try a meeting in monegros this year. I will collect all the information in Spanish forums about routes and camping in the area. It would be a pleasure.
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    Members of Spain.

    Mantendremos el contacto entonces[emoji1] [emoji1]
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    Members of Spain.

    Alquezar and ainsa... How mach beauty
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    Members of Spain.

    Don't worry for the spanish, hehehe Don't worry for the spanish, hehehe. About monegros I will collect all the information I can and I will share it with you. I do not have children ... but I would love to be a father. Hehehe I have girlfriend and dog and we usually get together with friends of...
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    Members of Spain.

    I visit your face page. Its a good planning of the travel. But I could not match you because of my work. I wish I could go is a beautiful area, I have visited a lot of jaca and ordesa and all the sierra de guara. We are in love with the Pyrenees.
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    Members of Spain.

    Oops... I can't see the video. [emoji30] [emoji30]