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    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Did a little offroad training at the Hidden Falls Adventure Park
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    US Southwest Lincoln National Forest, NM

    The Land of Enchantment is calling. THis is going to be fun
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    US Southwest Big Bend / Terlingua

    Not a problem, we have folks that come in later all the time.
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    US Southwest Chasing Campfires Feb. Campout

    Myself and Liberty08 were planning our own trip this weekend to Oxford ranch and I stumbled upon your rally point. Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend.
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    Ready to begin

    Welcome! and glad you're joining the family. I can tell you from personal experience as I have owned both vehicles. The gen 1 Xterra is going to be your best bet. As other members pointed out, you will have a lot of issues with the disco. I had mine for 4 years and I can't begin to tell you all...
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    Stock 4Runner Wanting 285’s

    It's strange but there is really no straight forward answer. There are so many variables. Tire brand, lift, no lift. Wheel offset etc. I have a 3" lift and put the 285"s on the stock wheels, had no issues. then I purchased new wheels with a negative offset and things started rubbing so I had to...
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    US Southwest Big Bend / Terlingua

    You know I'm in. Can't wait
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    Rig Photos

    Great looking Xterra. Nice build.
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    Camp Photos!

    Beautiful weekend in Big Bend National Park.
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    Rig Photos

    3 months with my new Toyota 4runner. Big plans for this rig and even bigger adventures await
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    US Southwest Big Bend/Terlingua

    Sorry guys, work and family obligations have been keeping me busy. I actually have a free weekend so I'll email them to you this weekend.
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    US Southwest Wolf Pen Gap

    No worries, we will catch you next time.
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    US Southwest Wolf Pen Gap

    Hello fellow overlanders. I will be taking a family camping trip to the Ouchita National forest. Hoping to meet up with any local Arkansas overlanders to hit the Wolf Pen Gap trail. Looks like a fun time and it would be great to do the trails with someone familiar with the area. View Rally Point
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    US Southwest Big Bend/Terlingua

    Yes sir, are you in the Austin area? The organizer and I are meeting today to game plan. You're more than welcome to join us. We're meeting at the High Country gastropub at 3pm today. It's in Round Rock
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    US Southwest Big Bend/Terlingua

    Yes sir, looking forward to meeting everyone, as this will be my first meetup.