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    Hiker Trailer - anyone have experience with them? (Now Buildout)

    If anyone in the MidWest wants to see an assortment of Hiker Trailers, we are having a campout next weekend, September 27-27, at McCormick's Creek State Park, southwest of Indianapolis. Stop in Loop A and say hi! Deb and I will be on site #78
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    Fake Overlanding?

    That's the whole principal behind this forum. It isn't about what you drive, or how much you spend. Click on Road's links, and note that he lives in that setup nearly full time, and has adventured more so far this year in the SW deserts, Texas beaches, southern back bayous, and NE woods than...
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    US East OB Founding Member Meet Up - OB#500 or under ONLY, special invites will also be available upon approval

    Founding Members are only the first 500. You're 1037 over. :tonguewink: I know that's not what the thread title says. I'm just yanking your skittlytits. :)
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    That's Not a Knife...This is a Knife.

    Bear Essentials folding bucksaw, with sling for it and the Council Tool Camp Carver axe on the left. The Bear Essentials Outdoors Co.
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    recent threads /comments first.?

    At the top right of the thread, there is a button called "Jump to New" that takes you to the first unread post in that thread. This works on the desktop site, not the mobile app.
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    Yep, there are a few. I'm in eastern Lorain County. Where's the trail in your first photo? One of the Covered Bridges of Ashtabula County
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    Hey from NE Ohio

    Welcome, from Ohio's north coast! Also, check out the Midwest Overlanders Facebook Group, and of course, the Overland Bound Midwest Facebook Group.
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    SO I am a CAR guy first and for most.

    @Daryl 32 What year is your wagon? An acquaintance of mine has a 1965 Buick Special station wagon with the 430 engine. It was his parents when it was new, and has been in their family for 54 years now! It was restored in 2010, with the biggest change being a built motor. Bored to 448 CID, and...
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    Veiwing last name

    Hmmm, that must be a new requirement. I don't have anything in either field. But if I try to make a change, such as add my region, it requires filling them out before saving. So I guess I won't be changing anything.
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    FOR SALE 1979 Toyota Land Cruiser fj40

    The original post was a link to an eBay ad from last July, so no longer available.
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    FOR SALE 1997 Jeep Wrangler Sport

    The title of the post was a link to an eBay auction a year ago. No longer available.
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    Nature Photos

    Thank you! It’s easy with such a beautiful subject
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    Road Shower 2 Five-Gallon Pressurized Solar Shower Review

    I haven’t air flushed it. I occasionally put some Clorox in a full tank and drive around, then flush with fresh water. I don’t drink from it, as I have some WaterBox in the trailer for drinking.
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    Road Shower 2 Five-Gallon Pressurized Solar Shower Review

    Yes, that was me, and if that’s what you want to read it that way, so be it. Glory? You have no clue at all... This is a review in a review forum. There are umteen threads here on Overland Bound discussing the choice between and the merits among various showering systems, including your bug...
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    Road Shower 2 Five-Gallon Pressurized Solar Shower Review

    Hey guys, this is my thread to review the Road Shower. This isn’t a place to argue about what else works or doesn’t, and not the place to criticize me and others for choosing to purchase one (or in my case, two.) There are plenty of other threads that discus the merits of other systems. Please...