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    How far do you have to travel to overnight? (no reservations, no office/ranger stop)

    Three to four hours to get to the closest public land, which is Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania (tick country) Three days to get to the closest BLM land.
  2. Steve

    Ohio - The Badlands - Yellowstone - Boulder, Co - Ozarks - Ohio

    Our daughter went to college in Seattle, so we've made a few cross-country wanderings. Anywhere from three to seven weeks, I think. Some of our trip itinerary were beyond where you are looking, but you can take a peek at our trip reports and see if there's anything you might find interesting. We...
  3. Steve

    Clear OB stickers

    Most companies don't do clear background any more. They do a die-cut process, that transfers only the design, with no background. That way there is no clear but semi-opaque bubbled background on your textured mug or whatever. This is how the Overland Bound window banner is made, and most...
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    Undercarriage cleaning find at the thrift store.

    My buddy has one of these for home use. It is crazy powerful!
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    Overland Badge

    Store -> Custom Member Gear ->
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    Roof Rack Dividers? Ideas?

    Gobi. Most of what I've done is in the link in my sig, although I'm a bit behind. I just mounted the shower tent yesterday, and re-mounted the solar panel.
  7. Steve

    Roof Rack Dividers? Ideas?

    I use two sheets of chicken coop flooring from FarmTec.
  8. Steve

    Any Hiker Trailer Owners in Massachusetts?

    Hi Sara, I see that this was your first post. Welcome to the forum! Are you a member of the Official Hiker Trailer Owners' Group on Facebook? LINK: Hiker Trailer Owners' Group (Official) Since you have one on order, you are eligible to join the closed group. You might have better luck finding...
  9. Steve

    WHY did you choose YOUR rig?!

    Here are two previous threads on this very topic, with quite a few replies you might find answer the question: why-did-you-go-with-your-current-vehicle.10612 so-whyd-you-buy-the-overland-vehicle-you-did.10181
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    Prinsu rack for Subaru OB??

    That's what I had to do when removing the roof rails on my 2002 WRX Wagon. It wasn't too bad. Two tips: Use a tool designed for removing the trim pieces. And take care not to let the headliner bend, else it will be a permanent kink. I really like the Prinsu rack on our 4Runner!
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    The latest member to join the forums is way off

    The number that shows up to the right on the main forum page is actually just the latest person to change/add their badge number in their profile, and doesn't reflect the latest forum member. Not all forum members are Overland Bound Badge holding members. I could go into my profile and change...
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    What did you do with your Overland Bound emblem Certificate¿

    Ah, Okay. Saw it hanging with the other mirror do-dads, and figured it was there all the time. I have no idea where mine is.
  13. Steve

    What did you do with your Overland Bound emblem Certificate¿

    Yikes! That looks like a giant blind spot while driving!
  14. Steve

    Do you have an American flag on your rig?

    I live within 15 miles of two large Ford plants. One's recently closed, and the other reduced to a tiny fraction of its previous work force within the past couple of years. There are still a lot of unemployed auto workers in the area, as well as the thousands that got played off or forced to...
  15. Steve

    Emblem Overlay

    These guys three years ago, but the site seems screwy now. 2010-2017 Toyota 4runner black out kits - Nox Lux I actually bought them from the same guy on eBay, as it was cheaper and free shipping.