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    Pint Size Hero: Garmin inReach Mini

    Update- bought the Inreach Mini before my ascent of Mt Shasta in June. Works great and love the size. 1/4 of the size of my original InReach. Nice to have a rechargeable battery and it lasts a number of days and easily recharged with mini-USB though I wish it was USB-C. Screen is surprisingly...
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    February Overland Gear Round Up

    I agree that budget gear is what most people buy, but then I have broken and gone through so many 'budget' chairs and tables over the years it added up to more than good quality products. Budget chairs also tend to be so uncomfortable I just gave them away.
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    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    14 inch coilovers in place on 1.75 inch DOM tubing we bent. Custom power steering hose in place. Fired her up last month as a test run. Working on clutch and brakes to get her moving again. Then the interior work begins...
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    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Snow peak iron grill table with Baja burner, oven, angle table and side table. Will buy double BBQ box soon. Planning on building out slider with storage in Santana/Defender. Next up, battery isolator for dual battery setup. Already have RuffStuff dual battery box and 2 Optima yellow tops. Cut...
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    Land Rover Registry

    A gaggle of rovers at the shop where I'm working on my Santana/Defender.
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    Land Rover Registry

    Imported another rover from Barcelona. A 1991 D90 LHD with a great frame but the interior is a bit beat up. Will fix her up and sell her. 200tdi engine ia very strong and doesn't leak...might be dry, lol...
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    Overland Pros Anza 2000 Wraptor 2500

    I'm sure you will like it!
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    Rock sliders - paint, powdercoat or linex???

    Sounds like good paint. I found the black hammer finish rustoleum at Home Depot which is easy to brush on and doesn't require shielding the truck from over spray. Problem with OEM paint is that it will be very slippery. Someone mentioned tacky grip tape like used on stairs. Well, I put some...
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    Post pictures of your camp kitchen

    Im looking at a Snow Peak IGT solution for myself in my Defender build. Trying to decide if I should buold it into a slideout which i can attach more IGT tables or just build in the storage areas and setup near the truck. I have an RTT so my truck is generally flat but ut may be too tall for the...
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    Overland Pros Mojave 1400 RTT Review

    Mojave has the larger annex and requires more setup with spring rods on the side windows (though u can roll them up). Depends on what your needs are. Anza is more wind resistant and has more air flow when open. Annex in Mojave has a floor and is fully enclosed while the annex for the Anza is...
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    Pint Size Hero: Garmin inReach Mini

    I have the original InReach which functions similar to the mini in a larger package. The screen on the other InReaches dont do much for overlanding and are more geared for hikers. The mini is much better when paired with a tablet and/or phone. I have used mine the past few years and proved very...
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    New affordable lite RTT option coming to soon!

    Look at the specs on the small Tepui is tiny! Hence the lowest weight. Weight of fabric makes a big difference as well. The canvas is heavier but also breathes better and it warmer than straight polyester tent like Yakima. The Overland Pros Anza has a nice open design for airflow...
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    Who's all going to Overland Expo West 2018?

    Will be monitoring HAM 146.460 on the drive and at Expo with my handheld.
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    Who's all going to Overland Expo West 2018?

    Looking forward to attending my first Expo this year. Leaving early Thursday morning from Sacramento. 770 miles straight through...
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    Fuji X-E3

    Just received my Fuji X-E3 and am very excited. Great, small camera and excellent Fuji glass available. I ditched my big Nikon for the mini Nikon1 V1 but have since broken 2 lenses and Nikon is discontinuing the Nikon1 line. A lot of research later and I chose the Fuji X-E3. Much smaller than a...