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  1. Speric

    Portable solar panel/generator

    I have the Wagan Lithium Cube 500 with solar panel. I've only had a chance to use it once, but it seems very well thought out and well made. They are having a 25% Black Friday sale. Alex is also an OB member, and really nice guy. Power Cubes.
  2. Speric

    US West Monthly meet-up/trip - Sonoma, Marin, Mendo, Lake

    The last couple of meet-ups folks want to go somewhere. Let's plan this. I don't want to exclude folks that don't have a full off-roader either. But if everyone shows up with something like that, then we can change our itinerary. Or maybe have a couple of routes for folks to take and regroup if...
  3. Speric

    US West Monthly meet-up/trip - Sonoma, Marin, Mendo, Lake

    Let's go somewhere. This trip might go to Cow Mountain, or Snow Mountain, or try and get up to the top of Hull Mountain. View Rally Point
  4. Speric

    Bay Area - Just Relocated

    then definitely what @tjZ06 said. :tearsofjoy: Welcome from the North Bay.
  5. Speric

    Gazelle T4 Tent Review

    I've had this tent for about a year, and don't disagree with your review. Those stakes are terrible unless you get the "Overland Edition" stakes or something similar. I also learned about the collapsing walls the hard way, but once staked, they held up to 60mph gusts at the coast. That said...
  6. Speric

    Jeep Owners Represent!

    After a fun weekend getaway.
  7. Speric

    Looking to start building a new rig.

    i have a Gladiator Rubicon and love it. I hear the Mojave rides better, but the Rubicon is already plush compared to my old Tacoma. Yes, plush. Besides, the Mojave wasn't an option when I got my truck. I don't have the space, time, or skill to do much "building" so I wanted something ready to...
  8. Speric

    Easy-setup tent and cot recommendations please?

    I really like this cot. I’ve been using it about a year and a half with no issues. It folds in half with the pad. I have the Gazelle T4 and it’s great. Super easy setup and...
  9. Speric

    National Park Tour (Video Edit of the Summer Trip added)

    Looks like you went through my back yard doing a bit of wine tasting. Looked like a sweet trip.
  10. Speric

    What Propane Fire Pit do You Recomend?

    That’s what I had in my backyard and using the rocks for in my Camco. It works well but is kinda big.
  11. Speric

    What Propane Fire Pit do You Recomend?

    I have a Camco Little Red Campfire. Picked one off ebay for cheap and added lava rocks from an old firepit I used to use in my backyard. Packs up nice and tidy, and does the job. I also have an adapter to run 1lb tanks if I need to. Those Lavaboxes look pretty nice too, just a bit more expensive.
  12. Speric


    Nope. the only thing I really consider "whole foods" are fresh fruits/veggies and whole grains. I don't even consider animal meat as "whole food", unless you caught and killed it yourself, since that too is heavily processed by the factory farms and slaughterhouses. Vegan or vegetarian does...
  13. Speric

    We are driving around the world. Right now.

    Definitely looking forward to your adventures as you travel through central and south America. And glad you went with video.
  14. Speric


    For breakfasts, I like to make burritos with soy-rizo and just eggs scrambled together, with potatoes, beans, salsa fresca, and sliced avocado. I also like the So-Delicious or Good Planet chedder shreds.
  15. Speric

    So. Cal. Grand Caravan adventure van

    I looked them up. Those are nice little set-ups. Good find.