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    To Ursa Minor, or not to Ursa Minor

    I have the AEV 2.5 inch dualsport lift with BFG KO2's. Tire size is 315/70/17. I am probably going to add a 1 inch spacer to the rear.
  2. rubicon91

    To Ursa Minor, or not to Ursa Minor

    Just got mine thursday. Got out for 1 night yesterday to test out. WOW is all i am gonna say. Absolutely love it!! Took longer to get than expected but outside that I am extremely happy with my decision. Sold my trailer, gobi rack and hardtop to switch and I am stoked. Sent from my...
  3. rubicon91

    Let's see those Overland Beachers!!

    A day at the causeway!
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    Have a Member Number? Upgrade Your Account!

    I am member 9681 please upgrade mine as well. Looking forward to exploring this forum and meeting up with members
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    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Hello everyone. My name is Donny I am from sunny southwest FL. Currently I have a 2017 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited. It is currently going through a transformation. I had a trailer/rtt along with a gobi rack awning etc. All has been sold and I am patiently waiting for my Ursa Minor J30 to show...