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    JKU Overland build - AEV 2.5" Lift - Over capacity - should I add OME HD springs?

    The timbren ses system may also work.
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    NC Newbie

    Welcome from the Clayton area!
  3. RPDjeep

    New member in NC

    Welcome from the Clayton area!
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    2 door Wrangler Sport or 4 door Wrangler

    I traded my TJ for a 4 dr back in 2014 which gave me room for gear and our two dogs. We now have 2 kids as well and the extra room of the 4 dr is great.
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    NC/SC May Meet-Up Uwharrie OHV

    Melissa and I (Shawn) had a good time as well. It was great meeting everyone, looking forward to future meet-ups.
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    NC/SC May Meet-Up Uwharrie OHV

    I was just able to get off of work tomorrow so I will be joining you guys.
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    NC Piedmont/CLT Meet-Up Planning

    What are your thoughts on meet-ups? I am for meet-ups but I think they location and type of activity should rotate. Are you interested? Yes What time of day? I would say probably weekends for the masses but I work a rotating schedule and every other weekend. Frequency. Once a month, every 2...
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    Hello from North Carolina!!

    Welcome from Clayton, NC!
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    New from Raleigh NC

    Welcome. I work in Raleigh and live in Clayton.
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    New to the group - North Carolina

    Live in Clayton and work in Raleigh.
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    Anyone been to Uwharrie Park?

    The trails close in December. I believe the 15th this year
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    Do you have an American flag on your rig?

    Have one on each side.
  13. RPDjeep

    Tailgate Flipdown Tables for Jeep Wranglers

    I have this one from Amazon. It is an exact match of the Teraflex table.
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    OBX Anyone?

    Rented a house in the 4x4 beach area (Carova Beach)for the week.
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    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Added rear seat USB ports. Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk