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  1. RD Stone

    DIY awning

    Very nice!
  2. RD Stone

    Tripod Camp Table

    Great project!
  3. RD Stone

    Tie down & Bungee storage no longer a mess!

    Great idea - I have several of those just laying around.
  4. RD Stone

    Jeep JK/JKU Tailgate Table Project

    Nice writeup and plan. I'll be working on this one soon!
  5. RD Stone

    Jeep JKU Rear Window Ventilation - DIY

    Great idea - I've tried magnetic screens which work but are a pain to setup and don't stick very well. I'll be giving this a go. Thanks!
  6. RD Stone

    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Howdy from Colorado! Location: Montrose Rigs: 2012 Toyota Tacoma; 2005 Toyota 4Runner Experience: Lots of backroad travel, but I don't care much for rock crawling or really nasty stuff. I've been an outdoor guy most of my 62 years. I hike a lot in the San Juan Mountains and do most outdoor...