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  1. r1ckm1

    US West Frenchman's Lake Day Run

    According to Gaia there is USA land out there, Topo Maps, Trail Maps, and Satellite Imagery
  2. r1ckm1

    US West Reno - Peavine Peak Sunset Run

    There is a dirt parking just south of the intersection where people meet.
  3. r1ckm1

    Do we have a Van registry?

    It's a work in process but here is a picture of our 2014 AWD Chevy Express.
  4. r1ckm1

    Compressor Recommendation for under $100?

    That is the one I have been looking at. It looks good on the videos I've watched. Glad it's worked out for you.
  5. r1ckm1

    Members Instagram ID

    Just posted my first vehicle pic. @rickm1
  6. r1ckm1

    Do we have a Van registry?

    Hey Cuz, we were in your territory a month ago. We bought the van in Coeur d'Alene and visited my wife's cousin on the Olympic Peninsula on the road trip back. You live in a beautiful area. We couldn't stay in the van since it was still stock and the weather was cold. We are going to head...
  7. r1ckm1

    Aphroducky, a VW Bus

    Great build, well told.
  8. r1ckm1


    Yes, I was there. I also went to the tire clinic. I'm looking forward to more meetings.
  9. r1ckm1

    US West Reno Overlanding Recurring Meetings and Trail Runs Thread

    I would really like to go on the run this weekend but I'm booked with putting in my lift kit. I was going to do it last weekend but having a stereo with a backup camera took priority.
  10. r1ckm1

    Do we have a Van registry?

    I just bought a 2014 AWD Chevy Express passenger van. I'm turning it into an expedition van. I'm new here I found this thread looking for a van thread. Is there one?
  11. r1ckm1

    Members Instagram ID

    Pictures of travels but not many of the rig. r1ckma10n3
  12. r1ckm1


    Hello everyone. We live in the Reno NV area. I'm working on a 2014 Chevy AWD Express 1500 LT Passenger van. Stripping out the interior to turn it into a expedition vehicle. The lift kit gets installed this weekend with 32" tires added next week. I'll post pictures once some of the work gets...