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  1. professorkx

    Airing down.

    Thought I would chime in with an example for snow running. Two jeeps, lockers front and rear, plus a ton of other equipment, went on a snow play day. We turned town the wrong trail, and before we knew it, we were pushing snow with the front bumper going downhill. Tried to back up the hill...
  2. professorkx

    A Jeep called Robbie - Build Project Questions

    The Rubicon has some nice spring, so I decided on a Rough Country leveling kit for less than $200. Installed the same thing on my wife and brothers jeeps. Allows me to run 35 inch tires on stock rims with wheel spacers without any issue. We spend a week in Moab every year, and run the tough...
  3. professorkx

    Resurecting a 2000 Wrangler

    Agree, I don't much care for the ARB lockers. My son installed in his 2007 wrangler, front and rear, and has had several problems with air seals on lines and on the locker itself. The rear locker was just replaced under warranty because of the internal seal, said he won't do it again. I've...
  4. professorkx

    Leave No Trace - Remember?

    I suspect a lot of this "art" starts out with "here, hold my beer"
  5. professorkx

    Leave No Trace - Remember?

    Well, backpacking isn't an option for a lot of folks because of disabilities/illnesses, and gets less possible the older you get. For me, the key is to limit the evidence of my visit, but the reality is that it will never be zero. Boldadventure wrote that it's recommended to camp in designated...
  6. professorkx

    OB Approved Safe Encounters with Mountain Lion (Mammals in North America):

    Good information on Mountain Lions. It's unusual to actually see Mountain Lion in the mountains, as they are great at stealth. I've only seen 5 in 40 years in the mountains, one within 10 feet when the cat came out of the brush from a stream on the trail. They are pretty thin skinned, so it...
  7. professorkx

    A Jeep called Robbie - Build Project Questions

    So, what kind of Jeep? What are your overall plans for overlanding? What are your build plans? I removed the long side seat in my son't jeep wrangler 4 door and build a platform for the dog, and you are right, a ton more room.
  8. professorkx

    RTT or ground tent & why

    Bears = RTT ...the wife sleeps a lot better elevated on the trailer. Happy wife, Happy life.
  9. professorkx

    Things to note when looking for new tires.

    BF Goodrich KM2 on all of my rigs and my offroad trailer, and been that way for years. My wife's jeeps has almost 60,000 miles on her KM2 tires, but she has a mall crawler that just sees the snow and mud on the long dirt road in the winter to our property. I air down often for traction, and in...
  10. professorkx

    Leave No Trace - Remember?

    I don't think it's possible to leave no trace and enjoy public lands in a vehicle unless you plan on staying on paved roads and organized campgrounds. I agree with not abusing the area you are exploring, but the simple fact that we are there means we left a trace. I don't believe we should...
  11. professorkx

    Overlanding with Animals (Pets or Other..?)

    I have a small dog, and she has ridden the Harley, dual sport motorcycle, Jeep off-road, overland and everything else with me for her entire 12 year life. I know, I know, big biker with a fuffy dog, but where I go, she goes, and she makes a lot of biker and Jeep friends, but then, she like...
  12. professorkx

    When Your Alone and Stuck!

    I have rescued lots and lots of folks over the last 40 years, including putting more than 20 people on life flight and one body recovery (lack of water, so the guy died on the first day in the desert) for the Sheriff's office. If you don't carry enough equipment to self rescue, you are not...
  13. professorkx

    what form of gps do you use?

    I have used Locus Maps Pro for years on my cell phone, just keep adding to my new phone. I build track on my computer, save the GPX track, upload to Locus, then just follow the track. For Moab, our tracks for each day are on Locus. Locus uses vector offline maps, so I don't have to have a...
  14. professorkx

    Heating for sleeping

    exac This is exactly what we use. It shuts off so you won't die, and ours has shut off a few times. just make sure nothing is in front of it to catch fire...