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    fj80 seats

    I’ll be at work till I don’t know when (the joys of rural mail delivery)but I’ll leave them on the front porch and let my cousin know someone is stopping by to pick them up.
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    fj80 seats

    Yeah that’ll work. Hopefully you want the bench too
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    fj80 seats

    And I just want them gone, as in free. Taking up room in the barn, that the jeep bench seat can go. Rough problems, I know
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    fj80 seats

    Lol not the whole thing…just seats
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    fj80 seats

    Anyone need a set of fj80 seats? I replaced my front set with Scheel-Mann and am pulling the middle row bench in favor of an extended set of drawers. Brown Cloth seats out of a 1992 FJ80. In Elmira Oregon
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    Probably in the totally wrong area…

    I would too. But the powers that be said no
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    Probably in the totally wrong area…

    The better half got a job in Kauai. So we are off the islands. Which is good but the toys have got to go:( 1992 Toyota FJ80 dumped way too much money to ever come even but would like to get a little back and rather than CL… Slee 3.5” lift with remote reservoir shocks Delta Vehicle Systems front...
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    Fj80 seats

    Well I upgraded to some super sweet buckets and the stocks are gathering dust. Probably should sell them but I just want them free if you come grab them(stock ones that is). Out of a 92fj80. They are a little worn but still decent shape. Cloth. I’ll post pics sometime this week. I’m...
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    While 2020 was the start of “fun” (just a smidge of sarcasm) for most, mine started in 2019. November 3rd, 2019, I had a pulmonary causing a change in life. But on the plus, I found Hannah, a 92 FJ80. She’s seen better days, good amount of rust on the passenger side rocker and into the rear...
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    Well I finally did it....

    After staring for years at ‘em. I finally broke down and got a pair of Scheel-Mann seats. Now just to get the brackets from planted in a couple of weeks. On a side note: Anyone want or need stock Fj80 seats?
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    Gmt400 K1500 Build

    Shoot a message out to the area of the country you are. Ask if anyone knows of a good fabricator and what you would like to have done. You should get a few good responses. And a plus of supporting a local business
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    Gmt400 K1500 Build

    Go local and try a local fabricator to make a custom one!?
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    Oh she is quite a workhorse but ridden way too hard in her day. Rust about everywhere you don’t want, and my favorite, bolts snapping off instead of getting loose. But old Hanna has been there when I was low, and kept me going. So now I get to return the favor and treat her well.
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    New Member from Elmira!

    Mike, Thanks for the welcome! Glad to have stopped lurking in the shadows and finally joined the community