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    So motorcycle overlanding

    A few pictures for various adventures.
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    So motorcycle overlanding

    I have been "Overlanding" on a bike for years. My buddy and I plan a trip every year. We have varied the amount of Off-Road and tent camping each year, but we still go. We have done the Washington BDR, went from Tacoma/Yakima to Yellowstone, Glacier, Lolo Pass. One year we went to the Alvord...
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    Deflating 16.5 tires

    16.5 rims are a big risk when it comes to airing down. I don't think that there is a magic number that will be "Safe". The air is what keep the bead pressed against the rim, on "Normal" rims there is a safety ridge that the 16.5 just don't have. The extra ridge helps make the tire hard to remove...
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    Help me understand all the different farkles mounted to your dash.

    I said what are the Farkles on your dash, not Sporks on your dash. :tonguewink:
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    Help me understand all the different farkles mounted to your dash.

    If you have an iPad you can dim the display to reduce the amount of light. Most GPS and other devises you can do the same thing with, but I see how this could get to be an issue if you have a bunch of bright displays in your face. The iPad will even auto dim if you want it to in the settings.
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    Looking for tire advice, your opinions wanted

    I currently have a 90 Suburban and it works, but the mileage is a killer for long trips. I also have a 2001 Forester, but it is time for it to go to a new home, needs more work than I want to put into it. I want to replace it with a low mileage 2009-2012 Forester XT. I have found a few that...
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    Carburetor vs. Throttle Body Injection

    I currently own a 90 GMC Suburban, it has the very same EFI set-up you are looking at. It works, but is nothing to brag about and I get 10.5 MPG. 5% less would be hard to calculate. I say keep the current carb, or if it dies, go with a good aftermarket like a Holley or Edelbrock.
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    When do you replace a spare?

    Something else to keep in mind with all of this is exposure. UV kills tires and causes them to dry rot faster than a tire sheltered from the UV rays. That is why RV owners cover the tires to keep them from the UV rays. So, if you keep a tire under the truck or inside like on my Suburban, they...
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    Newbie Gear must have...

    Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.
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    5th Gen Ford Explorer - Potential Rig build

    The reality is that most of the places you will want to go, you can get there in the Explorer just fine. I would add some more aggressive tires and some recovery gear. Most of the time Overlanding in the USA involves Forest Service roads, BLM land etc. These places have millions of miles of dirt...
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    Overland vehicle change

    I totally agree, that is why I am not spending money to replace my old Suburban with a new one. I am also not buying a "New" Forester for my daily driver. My commuter car will be used and I want to keep the price to about $10,000. I suspect that both the OP and myself want a smaller car with...
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    Overland vehicle change

    Well I was answering the question asked about the low range option in the Foresters. Then just sharing my situation in that I am also looking for a newer Subaru that relate to the same reasons the OP is looking for one.
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    Overland vehicle change

    For me it is not just about MPG. I have a great rugged offroad vehicle in the Suburban. Solid axles, tons of space, bad MPG. I can't get rid of it, anything I replace it with to do the same job will get the same mileage. I need a commuter type car for work. On Mondays I drive 1.5 hours to the...
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    RTT suggestions needed for 2 people on a Forester

    While that looks like a nice tent, you have to exit the tent at the top and then reenter at the bottom to get into the annex. I want to be able to go down the ladder right into the annex. This way when we are dressed for bed, we aren't going outside in out "Sleepwear" and then trying to reenter...
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    Switch panel - done!

    Very nicely done, I love the clean set-up. Adding switches is always difficult on new vehicles to make them look good, and these look great. Great job.