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  1. Northernlady

    Water Bricks

    I was using the water bricks for a while but got frustrated with the spigot and having tilt them to get all the water to out. I switched out to MSR dromedary bags that I hang from my roof rack...they drain completely and when empty take up virtually no space.
  2. Northernlady

    Anyone use a ShiftPod?

    I have used it in Northern BC Rain and it works well. Didn't let in any water, except right by the door as you enter or exited the tent. My biggest beef with it is the lack of overhang over the door.
  3. Northernlady

    Tailgater Tire Table

    I got my tire table this spring and I love it. I often go where there are no tables provided and it sure it nice having a level surface to put the stove or use as a prep table. It doesn't take up much space either. It has been a great piece of kit!
  4. Northernlady

    Jackery Power Station

    Thanks for your review! I am just researching upgrading my power system and adding a fridge, contemplating dual batteries etc. It is good together some real world feedback on these products.
  5. Northernlady

    Anyone use a ShiftPod?

    I have a Shiftpod Mini that I purchased this spring and I love it! I have camped in the snow with it (-15C) and it held the heat very well. I have camped in the blazing sun with it and it was noticeably cooler. I love how easy it is to set up. Trading my RTT for it was a very good move for me.
  6. Northernlady

    MSR Dromedary bag...10-years on.

    I have three- 2 10L and 1 6L. They work really well in my Jeep. When traveling they store easily behind the seat and when in use I wrap a bungee strap around my roof rack and hang one from the grommets. The space saving for me is fantastic! I was using water bricks before by they were heavy and...
  7. Northernlady

    Nature Photos

    Just a few shots from my recent trip from Wells B.C. along the Caribou mountains.
  8. Northernlady

    Preferred way to cook?

    When possible I love cast iron and an open fire, but I also have a propane camp stove and my Biolite stove/grill.
  9. Northernlady

    Gas Lantern or Battery powered Lantern?

    I really like my Biolite Powerlite and site light string lights. I can charge them while using my biolight stove or using my Goal Zero solar panel. I do still have battery powered flash lights but am not getting any new non rechargeable battery operated lights. I grew up with a Coleman gas...
  10. Northernlady

    Post pictures of your camp kitchen

    I also have another rollup table that I use as a prep table
  11. Northernlady

    Post pictures of your camp kitchen

    This is my simple camp kitchen. A Camp Chef Sherpa Table with my Old Sierra Trails camp stove. The Yeti Roadie Cooler is in the back of the Jeep. The pods in the sherpa table holds my pots and cooking utensils, coffee, tea and other beverage mixes. Plates, bowls etc. The side pack holds cutlery...
  12. Northernlady

    Has overlanding become elitist ?

    I started overloading my VW Bug when I was a starving student. I now have my Jeep and am slowly getting some better equipment, but I never let a lack of the fancy stuff deter me from going out exploring. Yes it can get crazy expensive as can anything, and there are definitely people who could...
  13. Northernlady

    Camp Photos!

    Victoria Day long weekend! Found a great little spot at the confluence of Haggen Creek and Bowron River. Sounded wonderful!
  14. Northernlady

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    It was out with the old and in with the new yesterday. Swapped out my old tired coils and shocks for some new heavy duty Old Man Emus. She sits much taller and prouder now!
  15. Northernlady

    Jeep JKU Overland build - stiffer springs?

    I have ordered up a set of Old Man Emu Heavy Duty Coils and shocks. They will give about a 2" lift and stiffen up the ride as well as add about 300lbs of weight capacity. The entire set ran me about $1350 CDN. I am expecting them to arrive in the next week or so and will post more when I get...