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    Arizona Overlanders

    I’m in pinetop-lakeside. Hello
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    Arizona Overlanders

    So we have built a few. G3 off-road Fabrication is out Facebook page. So the trailer build should have a few goals such as storage, kitchen, slides, materials and coatings. This particular trailer was built specifically to be towed by a JKU so weight was a consideration. I built the frame out...
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    Arizona Overlanders

    Pinetop-Lakeside AZ
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    Propane Bottle Mounts- Show Us Yours

    Put this on my expo trailer
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    GMRS info request

    I have had the midland 275 since they came out. Works pretty well. A couple of weeks ago I was out in very remote western Nm and picked up a repeater and listened to some guys from WA talk to a. Guy in Houston. I could not talk to them as I was too far from the repeater on my power. So a 50 watt...
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    DIY Overland Trailer Paint

    I have used monstaliner on five different trailer builds. No leaks. Happy with it.
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    Eastern Oklahoma Ouchita National Forest Trails

    We were there in early June. It was a lot of fun. The FS roads are generally two wheel drive but in places had mud. We explored and camped for 5 nights. Really enjoyed it. Hit Cedar Lake for a shower or fresh water. Even saw a bear. We had the place to ourselves.
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    Retired my jumper cables

    I have the following on my rig Energizer 1 Gauge 800A Permanent Installation kit Jumper Battery Cables with Quick Connect Plug 30 Ft Booster Jump Start - 30 Ft Allows You to Boost a Battery from Behind a Vehicle
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    JKU Overland build - AEV 2.5" Lift - Over capacity - should I add OME HD springs?

    I have 2.5 TF coil suspension. Had sag under load so I put the OME coils on the rear. Took care of the issue. Ride is good.
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    Aluminum JKU Cargo setup

    Yes the slide is aluminum also and the rigidity is awesome in comparison. The deck on the other side and up top is a black HDPE product that I got in a sheet. I still need to a the end and I will put monstaliner on it.
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    Aluminum JKU Cargo setup

    So we have built tons of projects out of steel but recently have started working with aluminum. Built this slide and cargo setup for my 2016 Rubicon. It turned out pretty good if do say so. Weight was my main consideration.
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    Propane Bottle Mounts- Show Us Yours

    Good question. I am also transitioning over now with a 5lb goal. Mine will be installed on my trailer. Hopefully some examples will be posted.
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    Camp Photos!

    Breaking down this evening for morning departure. ARB rooms down and rolled up. Love our setup.