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    Death Valley, Ca trip in October. Any ideas or recommendations?

    No problem, glad you liked them. It was a busy three days but worth it. Hopefully you got some ideas from my trip or a sense of what’s out there.
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    Death Valley, Ca trip in October. Any ideas or recommendations?

    Three part video series I did from last year. Maybe this will help you get ideas. Day 1: Day 2: Day 3:
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    Mounting a rhino 270 awning on a ARB roof rack

    Rhino makes ARB compatible brackets. Search Google. They’re beefy and inexpensive.
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    Week of overlanding through Utah NPs

    In April, water crossing were not an issue. Snow prevented us from going up and over a mountain (Bryce Canyon to Cathedral Valley).
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    Week of overlanding through Utah NPs

    Just a teaser vid of my week long trip through Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches, and my favorite...Canyonlands. Three part series to come, but for now here’s a preview.
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    Inaugural Lone Pine trip

    I took my Dad there last Christmas. Neither of us had been. We got lucky with the wind. The snow on the mountains made it scenic. Easy to get in and out. Close to supplies. Piece of cake. My trip:
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    Utah Expedition

    Never saw you guys out there but watched your vids. We crossed some of the same ground that week. My favorites were the view from our campsite at Panorama Point (Maze district, Canyonlands) and running the Elephant Hill 4x4 trail to get to Devils Kitchen campsite #4 (Needles district...
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    To Chainsaw or not to Chainsaw, that is the question

    My answer right here. No turning around.
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    RTT Installation

    When I used to take it on and off (never comes off now), I used a Harbor Freight drywall lift to put the tent on and to remove it. Solo takes 15 min tops. Most of that was tightening clamps. When not in use, tent hangs from garage ceiling via ratchet straps.
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    Roof Top Tent or Ground Tent?

    Both. I choose based on where I’m adventuring and who I’m going with.
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    The Overland Bound Rig Built by Overland Bound Members.

    We used to say in the Corps, “Don’t get pissed, re-enlist!” @Michael is doing just that! Good man. The rig will be back in time for summer trips.
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    Jeep Owners Represent!

    It was rocky. Once we got in, it was worth it. Epic place.
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    Utah Expedition

    Just a reminder, you need back country camping permits and even day use permits in Canyonlands.
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    Utah Expedition

    Leaving Sunnyvale on the 11th headed to Lake Isabella to stay at my Dad’s. We leave in the morning on the 12th for St George, Utah. Staying at the La Quinta. Leaving in morning on the 13th for Bryce Canyon Northern campground. Will catch sunrise of the 14th there at Sunrise Point. Leaving in...
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    Utah Expedition

    Maybe we can link up on the trip. I’m heading out from a more southern route but will be out there the same time and will head back to the Bay Area the same Vegas route.