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  1. McGrizzly

    Checking In From the Coast

    Well we had a son and just when we had a grip on that, covid. When we all thought it might be acceptable to go outside and start to socialize, fire. And after we thought we would have to evacuate and lose our house, smoke. It has been one hell of a year so far and fire season is not over. Heat...
  2. McGrizzly

    Bay Area

    most of my favorite spots to recommend are gone. im sorry i have no good news. anyone have some good ones? Perhaps USAL beach will still be there when this is said and done...beautiful spot.
  3. McGrizzly

    Difficult Times Ahead; Our Help Is Available

    As a Volunteer Fire Fighter here on the coast, half moon bay I wanted to make sure everyone is taken care of in our community. I am sure everyone is tired of hearing about these circumstances, but I think its important we acknowledge that some folks might need assistance for themselves, their...
  4. McGrizzly

    Half Moon Bay Meet Up Resuming!

    It seems like there will be some more delay regarding our meet up. Please take care of yourself and each other. Here on the coast we have a ton of resources for those that need lunches for your kids, elderly or anything else you might need. Reach out if you require assistance. This community is...
  5. McGrizzly

    Half Moon Bay Meet Up Resuming!

    thank you so much! Hope to see you out at the next meet. I am getting something together, hopefully everyone can make it.
  6. McGrizzly

    Half Moon Bay Meet Up Resuming!

    Ladies and Gents there have been a lot of developments over here at the McGraw household and I am sorry we have not been able to host a formal meet up for some time. The newest member of our family, Rory has made his appearance and we could not be happier. However, things have had to be...
  7. McGrizzly

    Nor Cal - Casual Meet Up?

    Hey I am sorry we have been MIA for a bit. We were not able to make it because of baby things and I am training for the HMB fire department. But I was really happy to see you make another spot out there by Hop Dogma! Im sorry the turnout was not as big as hoped, the past few I have done were hit...
  8. McGrizzly

    Overland Bound Rally Sierras 2019 + New 2-Day Off-Road//Overland Training Event

    Great pictures. Just now getting the world spinning the right way. Cant wait to catch the next one and hopefully see some of yall on the coast!
  9. McGrizzly

    US West Meet up SF Bay Area/Santa Cruz 10/5/19

    I am sorry we have not been on it because of my new job training and expecting a baby. I can help you out with some plans and yes whale cove would be a great spot to meet up. bring a ton of folks from all around. let me know what help you need!
  10. McGrizzly

    Smittybilt Scout Redesign Coming 2019

    Im really sorry we ended up selling it and downsizing actually. If you happen to have any questions I can answer perhaps, just let me know!
  11. McGrizzly

    US West Annual East Bay Meet-Up

    Stoked! Thanks for setting this up. The wife and I will make the trek!
  12. McGrizzly

    ARB 12v Twin Compressor w/ Tank Install 5th Gen

    my email is not letting me know about the posts. looks good! what bracket did you get?
  13. McGrizzly

    ARB 12v Twin Compressor w/ Tank Install 5th Gen

    No not at all! I should say that I am also....andddd I have also received conflicting information. I was told that you never want to go higher than the rating of the fuse. So yeah when you use an 'add a fuse', use the same fuse that is in the slot or LESS. So you will notice that each add a fuse...
  14. McGrizzly

    ARB 12v Twin Compressor w/ Tank Install 5th Gen

    also, folks have said that its better to use lower wattage fuses as you don't want it to blow anything out. easier to replace fuses than parts, or electrical. that being said, i went with doubling up the factory numbers and just using them as they were inline, if that makes sense. 10 and 10, 25...
  15. McGrizzly

    ARB 12v Twin Compressor w/ Tank Install 5th Gen

    have not been able to get a good picture since i have been working late. forgive me! here is a pick of my panel. its a 2017 4 runner. not sure if you have the same one. but i have a switch pros 9100 panel as well as the arb compressor. honestly, i dont remember which one i put to what circuit...