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Checking In From the Coast

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Well we had a son and just when we had a grip on that, covid. When we all thought it might be acceptable to go outside and start to socialize, fire. And after we thought we would have to evacuate and lose our house, smoke. It has been one hell of a year so far and fire season is not over. Heat is just around the corner and it seems many of our favorite locations are gone. Although not forever. We will make it through if we stand as a community, remembering we are after the same goals, while doing our best to leave politics out. We can all be friends, neighbors and family if we have a common goal. John Muir had a vision and his ideas of this great land will resonate through all the chaos we have at our door step. We are here, strong and able to help those in need. Please reach out if you need help or support. And just know that Coastside meetups will resume soon, where we can share our outdoor ideas and adventures again.

Be safe. You know where to find me.