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    DIY Aluminum Roof Rack Question

    Problem is with the extrusions are as follows (personal experience ) If you use stainless screws they bind after a while It’s actually pretty heavy It’s cheap but the brackets and everything to hold it tighter is expensive
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    First three mods?

    Testify brother I know every animation movie full dialogues and an verse them It’s horrible
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    First three mods?

    Actually that’s is a good point maybe a good spotter is your first mod And second experience a day course Third get on a track and test it
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    What is the Quintessential Camp Food?

    Beer eggs and bacon and make a oven bread you can go wrong
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    Fridge&Freezer recommendations

    Any Engel is tops in my books had one for 7 years not a single problem
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    First three mods?

    MHO … Camping gear … Water… food Then go for a few close to home day trips you will quickly find out that order of upgrades Mine was Recovery gear Slider Types Suspension Under protection aka bash plates very important Bars and winch Then started going on longer trips Water tank...
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    The new guy

    Wish we got the Tundra here in South Africa
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    The new guy

    Wish we got the Tundra here in South Africa
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    Southern Africa map data

    Hi do you need a subscription to the app to add to the list I have allot of amazing sites all over the Southern Africa region with amazing camping and tracks I would like to add
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    Roll call

    Hi Craig I’m from Stand just down the road from you
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    ZA Roll call

    Roll call from Strand WC how you all doing
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    The new guy

    Welcome it’s always good to see new members